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Zombie Oscar

PROJECT INFO: I was commissioned by the street artist D*Face to sculpt and mould an Academy Award. However, it should look melted, exposing a rotten and fetid skeleton underneath. The intention was that these could either be sold or given as awards for ignominious achievement. This was the first stage of a larger project.


The Zombie Oscars were a dry run for what was to be a major project for D*Face. The idea was for several seven foot tall versions of the Zombie Oscar to materialize on the streets of L.A. the night before the ceremony. Due to time pressures only two were made but one was placed in the parking lot of a diner opposite the Kodak Theatre where the ceremony was to be held. The other was placed on a popular walking trail which overlooked the city. They made the L.A. local news and lasted for several days before they were removed.