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Lipton Brisk

 Animation company Loose Moose and puppet makers Mackinnon and Saunders produced a series of advertisements for Lipton Brisk Iced Tea. In these commercials animated celebrities sing the praises of Brisk Iced Tea due to it’s astonishing powers of refreshment. The Bruce Lee Dojo commercial starred Bruce and The Karate Kid in an epic showdown. I designed and sculpted the Mr Miyagi puppet and also a large Sumo wrestler who is defeated by Bruce as the advertisement begins.


 Jailhouse Rock starred Elvis Presley and James Brown, Willie Nelson and Coolio, musicians who for various reasons have fallen foul of the law over the years and have ended up in chokey. The clients, in these situations, are very conscious and careful about how the puppets look. They tend to be slightly conservative when it come to the degree of exaggeration that the faces have. For the Coolio puppet I sculpted three different versions and unsurprisingly the client opted for the kindest version, understandable considering that the artist has to give their approval to the final sculpt.